Volunteering Opportunities


University School Community: Parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, past students! There are so many opportunities to get involved at our school!

Parents and guardians- You can choose to be an active member of the Parent-Teacher Network (PTN). Through this excellent forum you can serve on committees which aid the development of the school. You can also help with activities of many types, such as parent seminars and Sports Day.

We welcome any volunteers from the school community to provide complimentary after-school activities as part of the Extra-curricular Programme of the school. These activities really help other parents to ease the burden of childcare once school is dismissed. If you are interested in offering an after-school activity in any area of interest be it art, craft, dominoes, sewing, cooking, handball…whatever your passion, please get in touch with the school office.

We also are keen to have our parents get involved in supporting the students’ learning at school. Your class teacher may invite you to join the class for guided reading or to support with technology days. Perhaps you’d like to help with field trips or class parties. Let your class teacher know.

Members of the school community can volunteer to assist with playground supervision, with the assistance of a teacher, at set times in the school year. Do you have some time to spare? Then get in touch.

As a private institution, fundraising is an important activity of the school and we are committed to engaging in projects which will contribute to the students’ progress and the school’s sustainability. Look out for the latest fundraising effort and get on board!