School Uniforms

  Girls Boys
Regular Uniform Green school dress with monogrammed pocket, undershorts (either those supplied with uniform or white, brown or black cycle shorts.)

Green school shirt with monogrammed pocket and knee length khaki shorts.

Closed, sturdy brown shoes with brown socks.


House (blue, yellow, green or white) coloured t-shirt with school monogram, blue elastic waisted shorts having no zipper or button fastening. No skorts.

White sneakers and white socks.


House coloured school swimsuit, goggles, cap. Rash guard optional.

House coloured school swim trunks, goggles and cap. Rash guard optional.


All hair accessories should be white, brown or black or transparent. Hair styles should be neat and simple. If the hair falls below the collar it should be tied back.

Hair styles should be neat, simple and off the collar.


Simple watch. If earrings are worn, they must be small, plain stud earrings.

Simple watch only.

Nail polish and tattoos


Nail polish is not permitted.

Henna tattoos are permitted only for cultural observances e.g. during the Divali period