Responsibility of Parents and Guardians

The University School expects parents and guardians to:

  1. Respect and contribute to the caring ethos of our school.
  2. Abide by school rules and class-specific policies as communicated to parents and guardians in school correspondence and on The University School website.
  3. Demonstrate that all members of the school community should be treated with respect and set a good example in your own speech and behaviour.
  4. Supervise and ensure the satisfactory completion and timely submission of homework and other assignments.
  5. Ensure that children receive sufficient rest, proper nutrition and regular exercise so that they may be effective learners.
  6. Ensure that pupils attend school daily and on time (no later than 8.20 a.m.), properly attired in full uniform and with all prescribed school equipment.
  7. Send your child with a written, signed excuse if s/he has been absent, is wearing incorrect uniform or requires exemption from any timetabled activity e.g. swimming.
  8. Meet with teachers and the Principal during their office hours or by appointment.
  9. Vacate classrooms and corridors after 8.15 am. After this time, parents should not accompany their children further than the school hall.
  10. Dress appropriately when visiting the school, abiding by the Visitors’ Dress Code. Revealing clothing should be avoided.
  11. Drop off and collect children in an orderly manner, notifying the security guard and class teacher when necessary (for example, when a child has a doctor’s appointment during school hours).
  12. Sign the Early Departure Book at the security desk if you are taking students out of school during school hours of 8.25 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
  13. Park only in designated areas, not in the Drop Off Zone.
  14. Approach, as applicable, the class teacher, the Dean of Discipline, the Principal (or vice Principal) or the Council to help resolve any issues of concern as outlined in the following section. Seek to clarify a child’s version of events with the relevant school personnel in order to bring about a solution to any issue.
  15. Pay school fees on time.
  16. Return report books, which are the property of the school, by the end of the first week of the academic term. The fee paid for the report book allows access to the document during prescribed times and retention of the book by the parent at graduation or withdrawal, as long as the parent/guardian is in good financial standing.
  17. Abide by any other School rules that have been sanctioned by the School’s management.