Parental Concerns and appointments with Staff

Parents should adhere to the following lines of communication in registering their concerns:

See the Teacher concerned for matters concerning:

  • the curriculum,
  • classroom discipline, and
  • interpersonal relationship

These concerns will be addressed to the teacher concerned.

See the Principal for matters concerning:

  • teacher behaviour,
  • teaching quality,
  • teacher effectiveness,
  • school policy,
  • or when the concerns addressed to the teacher are not resolved

See the Chairman of Council for matters concerning:

  • management of the school and when the
  • concerns of the Principal are not resolved

Each teacher makes himself or herself available to parents at mutually convenient times. To assist in identifying these times, each teacher must notify parents of at least 1 hour per week on which the appointments can be made. If these times are not convenient to any parent, then the teacher or principal must make an appointment at another time which is mutually convenient and is within seventy two (72) hours of the request for an appointment.