Teach and Learning Subcommittee

Terms of reference

  1. Conduct needs analysis from time-to-time to understand the needs of the teacher and school towards developing of an all round student.
  1. Develop a yearly teacher training workshop schedule and arrange workshops to support the development of model teachers and students.
  1. Support the development of guidelines for the construction of integrated lesson plans as well as use of technology tools, field trips, laboratories and projects to support student learning.
  1. Support the development of teacher monitoring, evaluation and documentation tools including mechanisms for feedback on teaching and learning.
  1. Develop mechanism for parental evaluation of teaching as a feedback mechanism to teachers.
  2. Create matrices for assessment of individual student from reception to Junior-5 so that the student can be monitored over the years.
  1. Support the development of a format for parent-teacher conferences to support student learnin and all-round development through home reinforcement.