Strategy and Finance Subcommittee

Terms of reference

  1. Support the council in the development, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of the strategic plan.
  2. Recommend policies and guidelines to support the school administration.
  3. Develop modalities for engaging the University of the West Indies, School of Education, Department of Cultural and Festival Arts and Human Resources to support the school.
  4. Strengthen general governance and administration of the school through coaching and training.
  5. Providing oversight to the funding of the enterprise including all fund raising activities, renting of space, and alumni and well wisher contributions.
  6. Develop a transparent formal and informal reward system to provide a motivational school environment.
  7. Developing school projects for external funding
  8. Support the council in the financial management of the school including approving and overseeing the financial management of major projects (recommended by other subcommittees).
  9. Support the improvement of efficiency of school administration through computerization of administrative and financial records.
  10. Strengthening the alumni relations and the activities to support a strong alumni network.

Members of the Strategy and Finance Subcommittee

Prof. Path Umaharan (Chair), Ms. Odessa Vincent-Brown (<School Principal>), Mrs. Reshma Bissessar (<President of PTN>), Mrs. Amira Hosein-Singh, Mr. Nirad Tewarie, Dr. Shamjeet Singh, Mr. Kevin Kalloo, Mr. Randall Douglas

Useful links:

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  4. Computerization of the School Plan
  5. Major projects